Welcome to GabriellaJohnson.com - Psychic Readings

Welcome to GabriellaJohnson.com - Psychic ReadingsWelcome to GabriellaJohnson.com - Psychic ReadingsWelcome to GabriellaJohnson.com - Psychic Readings



Readings & Services

  • Akashic Record Reading ~ Future ~$57
  • Akashic Record/Soul Realignment ~$165
  • Archetypal Block/Re-patterning  ~$85
  • Business Realignment ~ $267
  • Business Realignment ~ $177(Prior Soul Realignment Session)
  • Candle Magic Services ~ $139 & up. (Email for other prices & services)
  • Chakra Analysis Reading ~$115
  • Customized Package ~ $200
  • Egyptian Card Reading ~$60 (6 month special)
  • Life Situation Reading ~$115
  • Manifesting Blueprint Reading ~$115
  • Property  Clearing Realignment ~ $88
  • Relationship Reading ~$137
  • Shamanic Care Session ~$73
  • Shaman Session x 3 (recommended) ~ $186
  • Soul Retrieval session ~ $63
  • Tarot Card Reading ~ $57
  • Tarot Card ONE question ~ $20
  • Vital Force Energy Analysis ~$127

***All Sales/Services are Final / No Refunds***


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  • Candle Magic Classes ~ $665
  • Candle Magic Clases payment plan ~$182.75 x4


About Me

I have been reading Tarot for over ten years.  I started committing to Tarot and this path after going through a very difficult time in my life, and losing everything that I had. Feeling as though I had no support, and that my prayers weren't being answered. It only made sense that I needed to do something different, and that was starting a spiritual path. This path helped me not only to heal the pain and suffering that I was experiencing at the time. But it also propelled me forward in all areas of my life, helping me to understand how energies work, and how to use them effectively. Along with understanding the human psyche and behaviors.  Most importantly, It gave me inner peace, and happiness that I had been longing for. I had now found my calling.

 I use intuition, tarot and the pendulum for different types of readings. Whatever  tool I use. I assure you that my accuracy is over 95%. My readings go into the future - sometimes up to five years in advance. 

When it comes to healing sessions, You are in for a treat! I first started being trained about the chakras. With so much information on Chakras and their relation to essential oils and gem stones. I became very curious about aromatherapy & crystal healing. Having used essential oils from 16 years old. I was very excited about this training. Via Penn Foster, I took year long classes, and graduated with a certificate in Aromatherapy. 

I then trained in USUI Reiki. With so many Reiki attunements and classes under my belt. My energy field became so opened that I had to seek services to control it. It was here that I learned about the aura, and candle magic.

After completing training from a Native Shaman based in Canada. I too became a Shaman, now able to heal from a different perspective.

I was also trained on how to access the Akashic Records, and how to realign your soul, business, property to your Divine self expression. Meet your spirit guides etc by the founder of the  Soul Realignment modality. 

I continue to learn more modalities on a yearly basis. Adding more tools to my tool box, so that I am able to heal from many different dimensions and perspectives.

I have seen and heard it all when it comes to healing sessions. From the client trembling, to falling asleep. Of course, everyone reacts differently to healing. But know that you will get some very powerful healing sessions from me. This is because I don't just send healing energy, I can see inside your energy centers. Therefore, I am able to perform a type  of healing that is called psychic surgery. This enables you to heal faster as I will remove things that the untrained eye cannot see. For those of you who are sensitive to energy. You will feel me inside of your body.


What To Expect

  • Expect a very caring, honest, friendly, fun and energetic session with me. Whether it is a reading or a healing session. I like to make the experience one that is enjoyable. 

  • Readings are available via, phone, skype or email. 

  • Healing sessions are available via long distance, (please feel free to ask me to explain about how this works).

  • Tarot & Reiki classes are available via skype.     

  • Please have some consideration for my time. If you are unable to keep the appointment. Please give early notice. 

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Jovonna F.

Stephanie E.

Stephanie E.


  • If you are lost on figuring out who you are and what your soul purpose is in this lifetime, and want to access your abundance. I highly recommend getting your Akashic records read by Gabby. After 4 years of self discovery. This opportunity fell into my lap. And to save you guys the time that I spent trying to figure this out. Here is your answer. You're welcome

Stephanie E.

Stephanie E.

Stephanie E.


  • Gabby is truly one of a kind.  Her gifts are absolutely amazing.  She is so very compassionate and truly wants to helps others be the very best versions of themselves. She is direct and honest but has a very supportive and non-judgemental nature.  Invest in yourself and let Gabby lead you to a more satisfying and authentic life as the beautiful soul you were created to be!

Brandy M.

Stephanie E.

Maureen G.


  •  Gabby is one of the kindest most down to earth people I've ever had the chance to talk to. She did an amazing healing on me, she helped me understand exactly what she was seeing and doing. She explained everything, and was so honest and caring . I am so Blessed to know her. Most of all, so grateful to have her expertise with the akashic records,  not everyone has this kinda gift nor talent. I highly recommend her if you're ready to start your healing Journey!

Maureen G.

Maureen G.

Maureen G.


  • Gabby did a Property clearing/realignment for both of my homes. I immediately felt the difference. It was like night and day. I am very sensitive to my surroundings! Fabulous work!!! Definitely recommend having this service done!

Angela T.

Maureen G.

Angela T.


  • I have been going to gabby for years for my personal reading. She is amazing! She is so on point, that even after all this time it sometimes still blows my mind! times, places, people, events - you can ask her about any of it and she will have an answer for you. I highly recommend talking to her - just ask all of my friends that I've sent to her! 

Elena D.

Maureen G.

Angela T.


 I’ve been getting Reiki sessions with Gabby for about 2 years now. She is a gifted healer with a beautiful soul. I have had migraines and back pain go away. I can now think clearer and deal with my problems in a peaceful and positive manner.  

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